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CCcollections Gift Boxes with Dried Flowers | Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

CCcollections Gift Boxes with Dried Flowers | Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Discover CCcollections' captivating Gift Boxes with dried natural flowers or grass heads, offering unique gift wrapping ideas. These exquisite gift boxes are crafted with care, featuring recycled craft cardboard and a charming hemp rope bow tie, accompanied by dried real flowers.

Our Gift Boxes are perfect for enhancing the presentation of gifts to friends and loved ones on special occasions like Mother's Day, valentines gift or christmas presents. They also serve as an excellent additional gift service for your valued customers. Whether it's a private gift or for retail reselling, these boxes are an ideal choice.

Available in multiple sizes, including singles and samples, our Gift Boxes cater to a wide range of gift options. If you order singles, we will assemble the gift boxes for your convenience. For multiple orders, we ship them flat-packed to save space during transportation. Rest assured, they are easy to assemble. Feel free to contact us if you require any instructions.

Crafted with natural materials, our gift boxes provide an elegant and eco-friendly way to present gifts for Valentine's Day, birthdays, or Christmas. For the ultimate presentation, we recommend wrapping the gift first in wrapping paper or tissue paper, adding a heartfelt card, and then placing it in these stunning gift boxes adorned with dried flowers. The result is a luxurious gift presentation suitable for any special occasion.


  • Small: X
  • Medium: Approximately 2.5" x 10.5" x 14" (6.5cm x 26cm x 35cm)
  • Large: Z"

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